Baseball Pitching tips⚾💨

Good evening,

Today, I took care of pitching session for teenage baseball player.

I constantly explain pitching mechanics that I learned, and also provide some of pitching drills for getting proper mechanics.

Since it’s really tough to explain what I currently think all the details of pitching in English, I am not gonna fill it out now.
But I write down some of pitching tips that I learned. And I normally check these points during pitching analysis.

Here’s 4 tips of baseball pitching👇

①Force Vector

This is the shin angle(the line from the ankle to knee). You can check it if you effectively use ground reaction force.

②Hip to shoulder separation

When your front leg got on the ground, you can see whether your upper and lower bodies have good separation (Hip is open, shoulder line is still closed) or not.

③SSE position

Shoulder-Shoulder-Elbow line would be better to keep straight the time between cocking up your throwing arm and release the ball.

④Angle of upper body at the time of release point

When you release the ball, tilted your upper body for generating energy directly heading to the target.

I tried to explain as much as I can that I have learned before and currently think about pitching, but maybe saying incorrect things.
So I will be continuaslly learning and improving myself for many young baseball players.


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